30 Sep 2014
South Sudan’s bishops have issued a statement pleading for an end to the nation’s civil war, which began in December, has left thousands dead, and has displaced an estimated one million people.
Police say the bus and truck collided head-on while crossing a bridge
Photo Credit: EU
The European Commission is responding to the continuing major crisis in South Sudan by increasing its life-saving assistance by a further €20 million to help its most vulnerable people.
Dr. Martine Elia Lomuro, Chairman of South Sudan Democratic Forum (SSDF) speaking[Photo| Jok P Mayom]
South Sudan Registered Political Parties met to reaffirms their position they took on September 10th 2014 regarding their representation in the peace talks, now going on in Ethiopian town of Bahir Dar.
Ammunation[Photo| Ariik Atekdit]
Authorities in Warrap State have said that there is a need for disarmament to be carried out in the region, which is awash with firearms in the hands of thousands of youths called Gelweng in the state.
James Andria Ayak, A member of the political group headed by Martin Tako Moi, accused the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) of imposing Lam Akol on the political parties’ delegation at the peace talks in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.
Motorist line up at a fuel station in Yambio [Photo|Joseph Nashion]
The people of Yambio have seen few tankers entering the town since Wednesday, releasing their sufferings due to three weeks of fuel scarcity.


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