24 Oct 2020

Mission Statement

'A peaceful, prosperous and democratic South Sudan in celebration of values of its cultural diversity.'

Main Objectives

1. Establish a South Sudanese Diaspora and Home coalition through network linkage in the spirit of reconciliation and promotion of peace and stability.

2. Provide a non-partisan information platform on cultural, social, political, humanitarian and developmental issues concerning South Sudan.

3. Facilitate and encourage dialogue through constructive discussions on matters that concern South Sudanese at Home and in the Diaspora.

4. Encourage the growth of an information resource facility on South Sudan through the collection of information and documentation in order to support developmental activities.

5. Encourage the participation of younger generations in all aspects of nation building by using the Internet as a tool to engage their interest.

6. Create knowledge and awareness of the people living in South Sudan to promote respect for their cultural identity.


Gurtong is open to South Sudanese and all sincere friends of South Sudan.

It belongs to those who are seriously devoted to the promotion of unity and peace among South Sudanese.

The website and magazines do not support people who lack respect for opinions of others and who aim to spread hatred. The editor will deny all such visitors access to the website and will not publish such submitted articles and opinions on either the magazine or the website.

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Last updated at 10/13/2020