24 Oct 2020


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Gurtong’s projects are run on four media different platforms namely the website, radio, periodical magazine and mobile cinema.

The Mobile cinema is the latest platform to be integrated into our media network and supports the peace and culture aspects of the project. By targeting the youth, the women, the church and local communities, the peace messages and short documentaries are disseminated in mainly English, Arabic, Dinka, Nuer and sometimes Murle and Zande. They are shown to different groups and then moderated discussions to share thoughts, insights and feedback are allowed.

The South Sudan Safari radio programs preceded the mobile cinema but the two run alongside one another under the peace building themes. The peace documentaries are also produced into radio programs which are broadcast by our partner radio stations including Radio Juba, SAMA FM, Radio Bakhita among others. Apart from peace, radio programs are produced on other cross cutting themes with 100% local content on mostly issues of peace, culture, health, education and gender.

The Gurtong Magazine is a periodical publication that deals with analysis of topical issues, democracy and governance, general development, cultural and social activities and a wide variety of issues. The magazines are distributed to our readers in the States.

The website www.gurtong.net publishes daily news from all the ten states of South Sudan, opinions, important documents and vast amounts of information about South Sudan and its peoples; it is connected to social media outreach as well streaming of Gurtong Safari radio programs, access to digital copies of Gurtong Focus magazine and links to the Mobile Cinema videos.

List Projects Undertaken

2002 – Early 2004: Facilitation of South Sudan discussion core groups in London and Germany

2004: Preparation and Facilitation of the Youth Meetings in Yei (Equatoria), Panyangor ( Upper Nile) on House of Nationalities Forum(HON)

2005: Redesign of Gurtong website to give a face-lift to physical properties of the website in order to improve access to information and enhance technical capacity.

2006 – 2009: Expansion and Consolidation of Services to South Sudanese Communities in the Diaspora and at Home through the website

2008:  Production and dissemination of radio programs in English for broadcast in existing radio stations

2009:  Translation of radio programs produced into local Arabic and dissemination through local and community stations

2009 - 2010: Gurtong website evaluation and upgrade; Continued update of website with news and information from South Sudan

2010: Promotion of Peace & Involvement in Voter Education through Modern means of Communication (Web, Radio and Print)

2011-2012: lnvesting in People & Sustainability: Support for Democratic Governance, Appreciation of Cultural Values for Promotion of Peace and Unity in Diversity through Web, Radio and Print

2013: Pilot Project: Peace and Reconciliation Mobile Cinema Project ; Investing in People & Sustainability: Promoting Independent Media in South Sudan through website, print, video and radio coverage

2014 - 2015: Media initiative for peace and reconciliation I: Mobile Cinema for Chiefs and Youth;    Media initiative for peace and reconciliation programs on radio, website and magazine

2016:   Media initiative for peace and reconciliation II:  Recording, Production, Translation and Dissemination of peace messages from Traditional Leaders and Chiefs Project on mobile cinema and radio; Partial Funding for the Upgrade of the Gurtong Website

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