22 Oct 2021

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The transportation infrastructure in South Sudan has undergone tremendous development since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2005.

Road travel within South Sudan had been virtually dangerous during the civil war due to heavy presence of landmines on and around key roads.With the signing of the CPA and establishment of the Government of Southern Sudan, a lot of activities have been undertaken largely by the UN agencies to demine main roads in and around South Sudan.

Many significant towns with road transport have been cleared of mines and security continues to improve on the growing road network.

Some of the roads that are passable and under routine maintenance include:

  • Wau-Gogrial-Abyei Road (gravel)
  • Juba-Mundri Road (gravel)
  • Rumbek-Wau Road (gravel)
  • Faraksika–Chukudum (gravel)
  • Juba - Bor-Mabior-Malakal (gravel)
  • Ongoing road projects include:
  • Juba-Terekeka-Awerial-Bunagok- Yirol-Leer Road
  • Malakal-Nasir-Jekou Road
  • Wau-Tombura Road
  • Rumbek-Maper-Mayendit Road
  • Wau-Raga Road
  • Wau-Luonyaker-Liethnom Road

Road rehabilitation projects are also being undertaken, with the support of development partners as follows:

  • Yambio – Tombura (Gravel Standard) USAID Funding
  • Tombura – Wau (Gravel and de-mining) Goss/EU Funding
  • Wau – Gogrial - Abyei Road (gravel) GoSS
  • Rumbek - Wau Road (gravel) GoSS
  • Faraksika – Chukudum (gravel) GoSS
  • Bor - Mabior - Malakal (gravel) GoSS
  • Juba - Mundri (gravel) GoSS
  • Ayod – Waat - Akobo (gravel) GoSS
  • Juba – Lobonok – Moli (gravel) GoSS
  • Wau – Raja (gravel) GoSS
  • Mvolo – Aluakluak (gravel) GoSS
  • Rumbek-Maper-Mayendit (gravel) GoSS
  • Juba-Terekeka-Yirol-Leer (gravel) GoSS

The following roads are set for construction with the help of a number of development partners:

  • Juba-Mundiri-Mvolo-Rumbek-Wau-Raga (to be paved)
  • Juba-Terekeka-Awerial-Yirol-Shambe (to be paved)
  • Narus-Boma-Raad (gravel)
  • Juba-Bor-Malakal (to be paved)
  • Bor-Pibor-Pochalla-Akobo-Waat-Malakal (gravel)
  • Ameth-Abyei Road (gravel) Completed
  • Wau-Gogrial-Mayom-Bentieu-Riangnhom-Tonga-Malakal (gravel)
  • 20 KM Juba Ring Road (to be paved) ongoing
  • Rumbek – Yirol – Shambe (not started)
  • Rumbek–Maper–Bentiu (half way done by MTR-GOSS)
  • Rumbek Airport (not started)
  • Rehabilitation of Shambe Port (design work in progress)

Air Transport

Previously, air travel was associated with airlifts and food drops. This was primarily to support humanitarian operations that resulted in airfields all over South Sudan.

Since, the end of hostilities and signing of the CPA, a number of private companies have began flying to various locations inside South Sudan with Juba, capital of Central Equatoria State and seat of the Government of Southern Sudan, fast becoming a hub.

Outside of the capital, most towns – state capitals – have variance in facilities available.

Juba Internatioal Airport is the gateway into South Sudan and hosts a number of local and international flights.There is another airport in Rumbek, the Lakes State capital. Plans are under way to contruct airports in other states across South Sudan.

A number of airlines operate in South Sudan including:

  • Astral Aviation
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Kenya Airways
  • Sudan Airways
  • Bellview Airlines
  • Southern Sudan Airlines
  • East African
  • Fly 540
  • African Express
  • Southern Sudan Air Connection (SSAC)
  • ALS Limited
  • Eagle Air
  • Marsland
  • Dairo Air
  • Jetlink

United Nations flights are also availabe in South Sudan

South Sudan Courier Services

Southern Sudan Courier Services has been operational since 2006 offering mail delivery, parcel delivery and logistics solutions between Nairobi and Juba.

Southern Sudan Courier Services offers door-to-door service for non-commercial documents such as letters and reports; mail bag delivery for a monthly flat rate of 5kgs; duty payable or items to be declared parcel delivery; and light to heavy cargo handling at competitive rates.



2nd Floor College House
Koinange Street, Nairobi
Telephone: +254 20 317 174/9 or +254 724 053 737

KCB Building
Hai Suk, Juba
Telephone: +256 447 109 536 or +256 477 116 934


DHL is an international parcel delivery company present in 170 countries. Operational in Juba since 2005 with the head office in Khartoum, it plans to expand within the southern Sudan towns of Wau, Yei and Rumbek.

Contact: DHL Worldwide Express

Abdul Hakam Tayfour Building, north of Ivory Bank
Telephone: +256 477 112 540

C-Express Mailing Services

C-Xpress Mailing Services is a registered company operating from Nairobi and Juba. C-Xpress Mailing Services is ideal for all of your document or non-document shipments when getting it there by the end of tomorrow is what matters. Whether you are sending samples, spare parts or finished products, you can rely on our extensive express network to get your shipments there fast

C-Xpress Mailing Services ensures fast, reliable delivery for all your shipments, so you can improve your business with:

  • Faster service for your customers
  • Shorter lead times
  • More efficient processes

We view all shipment as urgent. However, some shipments are so vital that they need to arrive before a specific deadline. Guaranteed delivery times are now available to many destinations.

Mail Services in South Sudan (Day Routing)


Juba – Yei and Juba - Wau


Juba – Yirol and Juba – Bentiu


Juba – Malakal and Juba - Aweil


Juba –Wau


Juba – Yei and Juba – Malakal


Juba – Bentiu and Juba – Aweil


Juba - Malakal



20th Century Plaza, Mezzanine Floor
Mama Ngina Street
Telephone: +254 (0)20 319 212/3 or +254 727 743935

KCB Building
Hai Suk, Juba
Telephone: +256 447 150401 or +256 477 112 660

Rail Transport

Given the recent communications on the available rail services linking North to South Sudan and vice versa, there are a few rail service providers who are currently offering services from North to South Sudan, for example: Port Sudan - Khartoum - El Obeid -Babanussa - Aweil - Wau.

The UN Joint Logistics Centre (UNJLC) has contacted the providers to verify the details as attached.

Kindly note - scheduled regular services from Babanussa to Wau, (that would be useful for small loads) are not yet available. However, it is hoped that scheduled services will be offered as demand increases.

UNJLC will monitor the use of the North - South rail usage and inform of any further developments.

Information obtained from www.unjlc.org/sudan

Compiled with additional information from the Ministry of Transport and Roads (Government of Southern Sudan)

Last updated at 5/17/2021