22 Jan 2021


Governor Announces Tonj State Cabinet

The Governor of Tonj State on Sunday evening announced the long awaited State government in Tonj town amidst security threats in the state capital.

Governor Announces Tonj State Cabinet
Hon. Akech Tong Aleu, GovernornTonj State [File Photo]

By Ariik Atekdit

JUBA, 29 February 2016 [Gurtong] - Marko Awuoc was the former commissioner of Tonj North County in the then Warrap State government. Kuaac Mayol was an Advisor to Governor in Warrap State and an Acting Chairperson of the ruling SPLM party in Warrap.

The Governor has also appointed Mr. Makol Dhal Malith as the Commissioner for the State headquarters. The Governor is yet to announce the number of the names and the  of Counties in the new State before appointing Commissioners.

Tonj State List of Cabinet:

  1. Atek Monydhar Atek: Minister for Local Government and Law Enforcement
  2. Makana Akol: Minister for Physical Infrastructure
  3. Awut Guet Deng: Minister for Education and Social Welfare
  4. Madit Malek: Minister for Information, Youth, Culture and Sports
  5. Machok Deng: Minister for Finance and Public Service
  6. James Gabriel Khamis: Minister for Agriculture and Forestry
  7. Molana Arkanjelo Maluk Dau: Minister for Health

In the list above majority of the ministers were members of the then Warrap State cabinet with only Madam Awut Guet, Madit Malek and Maluk Dau as new faces in the cabinet. Earlier the Governor appointed Manhiem Bol Malek as the deputy Governor.

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