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South Sudan Holds First Council Of TGoNU Ministers Meeting Last Friday

The newly formed Council of Ministers of the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) held its first regular meeting chaired by President Salva Kiir Mayardit last Friday majoring on the issues of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

South Sudan Holds First Council Of TGoNU Ministers Meeting Last Friday
First Council of Ministers Meeting of the TGoNU. [File| Jok P Mayom]

By Jok P Mayom

JUBA, 09 May 2016 [Gurtong]: Michael Makuei Lueth, Information Minister and Government spokesperson told reporters after the meeting that the cabinet resolved the outstanding issues of the IDPs in the United Nation Protection of Civilians sites (PoCs).

This comes following the meeting of the IDPs with the First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar.

Makuei said the IDPs came up with specific issues to be resolved and after a lengthy deliberation, the cabinet resolved that movement of IDPs out of the PoCs should be voluntary.

“They were also demanding special attention for health care and the education of their children. Well the fact is that they are there does not privilege them from other South Sudanese” he said.

“If there are any schools for our children here then they should be with them, if there are any medical services they should be for them. There is no way we can give them special privileges because they are coming out of the PoCs – that is not correct” Makuei added.

“Some of these demands we found them to be irrelevant, the only thing we found was that – yes – anybody who want to come out of the PoC should not be forced to come out but if he has decided to come out they should come out and stay” he said.

“Those who want to be repatriated to their respective areas should also be identified and their transportation is worked out. These are the people who will have to be repatriated and rehabilitated wherever they go” he said.

“Anybody without livelihood here in Juba, we say that person should be repatriated. We have to repatriate to where he or she can make a livelihood if accepted to leave the PoC” he noted.

“Anyone who is an employee and are attending to their functions and duties in the ministries and the institutions even in the army but they go and sleep in the PoCs. These people should move out so that they resume their normal life” he said.

“This is the work we have assigned to the minster of humanitarian affairs to do. That the minster of humanitarian affairs to take up and act according to the accordance of this resolution”

He said the cabinet reaffirmed the resolution which was taken earlier by the council of ministers that all those who are occupying houses that are not theirs should move.

“Failure to comply with that the security organs are authorized to take any action against anybody who does not want to move out immediately” he noted.

According to the PoC update No. 125 of the UN Mission, As of 05th May 2016, the estimated number of civilians seeking safety in six PoC sites located on UNMISS bases is 179,836 including 27,990 in Juba, 108,190 in Bentiu, 40,448 in Malakal, UN House, 2,289 in Bor, 700 in Melut and 219 in Wau.

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