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Teaching Staff Strike At University Of Bahr el Ghazal Enters Second Week

Teaching staff at the University of Bahr el-Ghazal have entered the second week of their strike over delays in payment of their salaries, allowance, tickets grants, benefits and medical fees.

Teaching Staff Strike At University Of Bahr el Ghazal Enters Second Week
University of Bahr el Ghazal teaching staff [Photo| James Dimo]

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 07 June 2016 [Gurtong]
– The on-going strike which began last week has aggravated following a letter written by the Minister of High Education, Sciences and Technology, Peter Adok Nyaba’s dated June 2 directing all Vice Chancellors of the five public Universities in the country to take disciplinary measures against those who have decided to be oblivious of the dire economic situation of South Sudan.

Since last week, South Sudan’s public universities staffs have been on strike suspending lectures at all universities.

In a statement signed on 2nd June 2016 by the national minister and directed to all Vice Chancellors of the five public universities over the country, the minister said since the economic pangs were biting nearly everybody consequent to the erasure of purchasing power occasioned by floating of the South Sudan pound, he would raise a memorandum to the council of ministries to consider the complaint brought in by the association.

“I am working on the cabinet memo in respect to this.  As for claims to adjust the salaries of University staff, I spent time explaining to the members of the University staff association representing the five public Universities in the Republic of South Sudan that the increment the government awarded to the civil servants did not or could not accrue automatically to the University or for that matter higher education fraternity,” said Nyaba.

The five universities include Juba, Bahr el Ghazal, Upper Nile, Rumbek and Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology.

Nyaba directed the individual universities administration in South Sudan to take disciplinary measures against those who are continuing with the strike.

On Monday, four Universities in South Sudan including Juba, Upper Nile, Dr. John Garang Memorial and University of Bahr el Ghazal met in their separate meetings to deliberate on the national minister’s letter.

The Universities came up with one voice warning the national minister of provoking the situation by ordering the Universities Vice Chancellors to take measures against the staff who are demanding for the their rights.

Apungy Kulang Tapiny who represented the coalition of university said the minister’s letter is an aggression against all teaching staff.

“The letter of the minister is condemned, this was the first of the decision of other universities, so we also condemned that. Secondly, the strike goes ahead openly, third, the minister should withdrew his letter, number fourth, the minister should apologies to the academic staff on his letter, number firth, failure to apologies, the voice of Bahr el Ghazal University is with those in the coalition who are asking for removal of the minster,” he said.

“Any Vice Chancellor who touches a member of the coalition, especially those who were named in the letter has actually touched all the academic staff in  South Sudan, Vice Chancellors should not temper with the open strike of the academic staff, the last thing, the negotiation with the government, whether local or national must continue,” he said.

“We have done the strike and we will still continue with the strike because this letter which is seen as undiplomatic could not be the answer from the minister, as a member of the South Sudan teaching academic staff, we are not going to take a different opinion, we are now taking the same path with our colleagues in those different universities took,” said one of the staff who requested for anonymity.

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