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Town Authorities Hold One Day Consultative Meeting In Rumbek Central

USAID/VISTOS and APARD on Tuesday organised a one day consultative meeting with town authorities in Rumbek Central County on the relationship between the government, local people and traders doing businesses in Rumbek Central Count;

Town Authorities Hold One Day Consultative Meeting In Rumbek Central
Director of APARD, John Malith Rual left and Hon. Isaac Makur Buoc right [Photo| Mabor Riak]

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 08 June 2016 [Gurtong]- The purpose of the meeting was to find out the major challenges of insecurity and high prices in Rumbek Market.

The VISTOS regional conflicts Advisor, Abraham Mabor Makany urged the town authorities and administrators to discuss most challenges facing them and to look for ways forward.

“VISTOS and APARD are ready to support all activities regarding security stabilization and peace within the community.”

The Director of African partnership aid for rehabilitation and development APARD, John Malith Rual said the meeting discussed challenges traders in the market are facing including insecurity which has left their properties looted.

Western Lakes State MP, Isaac Makur Buoc Apac said that traders also complained of harassment by the security forces.

“These are major concerns that need strong relationship between government and local people and traders and that is why VISTOS organized this training. In the forum we organised with business communities in Rumbek they were complaining about town councils, public health and police for asking for more taxes on the numerous road blocks in Western Lakes State by police authorities.”

A taskforce will be formed in order to look into a solution of the problems discussed in the town.


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