25 Oct 2020


Governors Meet To Discuss Road Construction Linking Their States

The Governors of Eastern Lakes, Gok, Tonj and Wau on Wednesday arrived Western Lakes State to hold a joint meeting on issues pertaining roads construction and security among other issues affecting the five States.

Governors Meet To Discuss Road Construction Linking Their States
Five Governors during a meeting in Western Lakes State on road construction. From left, Rin Tueny Elias Waya Abraham Makoi, Akec Tong, and Madhang [Photo| Mabor Riak]

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 09 June 2016 [Gurtong] – The Governor of Tonj State, Akech Tong Aleu said that the meeting will discuss specifically on the road starting from Juba to Wau.

“My message to the people of former Lakes State is that this road connecting us is very important and it is everything. To save our people more especially in this coming month of June which always has a hunger gap and we don’t want it to happen this year.”

Emphasizing on security, Aketch said cattle raiding must be stopped in the region to allow for peace to prevail.

He accused the youth who are often involved in cattle raiding, warning that the law will deal with those who are found guilty.

‘They should know that we have come here as government and also army officers who can deal with them lawfully and such they should be careful because we want the stability of our people,” said Akech Tong Aleu during an interview with Gurtong on Wednesday.

The Governor of Eastern Lakes State, Rin Tueny Mabor, said the road from Juba to Wau is becoming impassible for passengers and goods to be transported.

“Maintaining all these spots will help us improve movement of people and goods as well as maintaining security along the highways.”

Another issue he pointed out was the issue of arms proliferation in the hands of the civilians which has now become a threat not only to the State but the country at large.

“As government , we will continue enforcing  security as our number one priority and my messages to 3 neighboring States of Gok, Western and Eastern Lakes States is to maintain security among themselves and free movement between Yirol and Rumbek and whoever violates the measures laid down will be dealt with by the leadership properly.”

He encouraged the population to take up agriculture as an important activity to avoid hunger.


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