25 Oct 2020


Over 300 Households In Besselia County In Need Of Food

The Commissioner of Besselia County in Wau State Pasquale Joseph Ayan has said that more than 2,000 individuals from Khor-Ghana Payam in Besselia County are facing a hunger threat.

Over 300 Households In Besselia County In Need Of Food
Besselia County Commissioner, Pasquale Joseph Ayan [Photo| James Dimo]

By James Deng Dimo

WAU 10, June 2016 [Gurtong] - Speaking to Gurtong today Friday in Wau on his way to Khor- Ghana Payam with some aid supplies, Ayan said the State government is trying its level best to help the needy people in the area.

“Today we are going to Khor – Ghana Payam, it is one of our Payams. We are taking some medicines and some second hand clothes and some items like sugar among others. So our aim is to take these items to these people there because they are suffering a lot,” he said.

“Last time, we went together with H.E. General Elias Waya, the Governor of Wau State and thanks to him alot, he contributed some money, 20,000 ssp, so this money, we went to the market and we bought some items and thanks to the people of Wau State, they have also contributed with some second hands clothes and we are taking it now to that Payam, there are almost 315 households which is equivalent to 2,996 beneficiaries,” he said.

“We are urging all the organizations operating in the country to come and help them because we are starting now from zero,” Ayan appealed.

The MP representing the area Hon. Peter Andel said the situation in the area is worrying.

 “Actually last Friday we went with the Governor up to Khor-Ghana because in Besselia there are no people but there are few people in Khor-Ghana but how we saw things it was really terrible. People are naked, no food, no salt, no soap nor even a single kind of food item they have,” said Andel.

Commissioner Ayan contributed the situation to frequent attacks six months ago in the area leaving people to flee their homes.


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