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Parliament Breaks For Recess

Members of parliament in Namorunyang State have taken a three-month recess effective from June 8, 2016, until September 8, 2016.

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole
TORIT, 11 June 2016 [Gurtong] –In his closing remarks, the State Acting Governor, Paul Langa who is the current Deputy Governor, appealed to the State Parliament to cooperate in laying the foundation of the Namorunyang State.
“... You, all of us (legislature and executive) must take the opportunity to lay a strong foundation for the new generation to come,” expressed Hon. Langa.
“Hon. August House, we have big tasks in front of us, that is efforts to realize security stability and development initiatives. And the prospects of this State rest entirely on your hands. All we need is mutual cooperation which we must collectively exert extra efforts to see success happening," Hon. Langa expressed.
“You are now going for recess, this is the time all of you are required to mend some of the loopholes in your career should there be any. Go and consolidate your popularity for the coming round after three years period to come. Share with your electorates the matters of concerns in your respective constituencies.”
The Speaker, Peter Bosco Lotyang who wished the MPs a peaceful recess, appreciated the National government's present commitment under the leadership of President Salva Kiir on the implementation of the peace deal which was signed in August this year.
He asked South Sudanese to stand with the government towards the implementation of the peace agreement. 
Calling for collective commitment from everyone in the State towards attainment of stability the Speaker pledged to work with the Executive level of government so shun any unnecessary dispute and remain flexible to realize better performance.
He appealed to all the State MPs to intensify awareness to their respective constituencies about the ongoing implementation of the Peace Agreement.
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