Aweil East Governor Urges Parents To Prioritise Girl Child Education

The Deputy Governor of Aweil East State during the International Day of the Girl Child last week urged parents not to deny their daughters their right to education.

By Agoth Abraham

MALUAL-KHON, 18 October 2016 [Gurtong] - He said there has been an improvement reported of girls registering to join schools in the State.

“We as government of Aweil East State would like to strongly urge you parents to consider daughters like sons. They are not properties, nor wealth, but they are a hope that there will be a positive impact to this nation and communities” he said.

“Even adult education for mature girls, boys, women and men is a responsibility for government at this level to establish centres for learning. Women in particular are behind men in every aspect of life and for this reason, we are encouraging you to study and gain knowledge” he said.

Save The children Program Manager, Mabior  Mading said that some of the cultures practisesd in the State, deny girls their rights.

“The overall aim of this campaign is to remove discriminatory and financial barriers that deprive girls in South Sudan of their right to survival, protection and participation especially exclusion from accessing and remaining in school until completion of primary school. Exclusion from accessing quality reproductive health services; and rights and exclusion from enjoyment of child right because of early marriage” he said.

He said the burden of humanitarian crisis falls on women in its heaviest load due to their responsibilities in some communities and household activities.

Mabior further raised concerns that 30% of women and girls give birth at the early ages of 15- 17.
“ The main drivers of deprivation and exclusion of girls include poverty, conflict, violence insufficient public spending on health, education,  child protection, weak implementation of government policies; and cultural practices which discriminate against girls and make them subordinate to men” he said.

The International Day of the Girl Child is held every 11th of October declared by the United Nations.


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