Prices Of Goods Drop In Wau Town

Prices of goods in Wau town have slightly reduced after the business community begun importing goods from neighbouring countries.

Prices Of Goods Drop In Wau Town
Torit market, [Gurtong file photo]

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 03 November 2016 [Gurtong] – The conflict that rocked the country in the past months had seen prices of goods shoot up as there was a shortage of both food and non-food items in the markets.

Traders were forced to stop importing goods following insecurity along the roads as most of the trucks were being looted.

Mohamed Zain Ahmed Zain is a business man in Wau. He says Wau town begun receiving goods from Sudan and Uganda in the month of October and the prices have since reduced.
He gives an over view of the new prices in the market.

“There are enough commodities in the market that even the prices of goods have slightly dropped. A bag of flour was 3,200 South Sudanese pounds but now it is 2,600 SSP sugar was 6,200 South Sudanese pounds but now it goes for 4,800 SSP rice was 3,000 SSP now it is 2,500 SSP. A jerry can of cooking oil was 2,200 SSP it now goes for 1,950 SSP. A box of soap was 2,600SSP but is now 1,950SSP while a box of tea leaves was 1,800 SSP but is now 1,300SSP. The drop in prices of these goods has left the population happy as they can now at least afford some of the items,” said Ahmed.

 Asha Osman a tea seller in Wau said most of the tea vendors are back to business following the drop of prices.

“My name is Asha Osman, I make tea in Jow market. Sugar was 140 SSP sugar has now dropped to 100, the price is better now but the price of milk is still on the higher side. Milk is about 140 SPP it used to be at least 120SSP. A cup of tea is 5 pounds while milk tea cost 7 pounds, milk tea used to cost 15 pounds. My message to the traders is to thank them because they have also been struggling with difficulties until they brought goods,” said Asha.

It has been months of economic hardship in the country. The lack of dollars and shortage of food has contributed significantly in the increase of commodities in the market.

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