Doctor Urges Local Communities To Visit Health Centres And To Stop Self-Medicating

A medical doctor in Aweil town is calling on the local communities to visit health centres for diagnosis and stop self-medicating themselves.

Doctor Urges Local Communities To Visit Health Centres And To Stop Self-Medicating
Dr. Karlo Atem [Photo by Abraham Agoth]

By Agoth Abraham

WANY-JOK, 10 November 2016 [Gurtong]-Doctor Karlo Atem Wek says that majority of the people have misconceptions on some diseases particularly malaria and Jaundice which has led to several deaths that could have been prevented.

In an interview in his clinic at Wanyjook in Aweil State, Dr. Karlo said that communities’ misconception about Jaundice has claimed many lives in both urban and rural settlements.

According to doctor Karlo there is a belief between the local communities that Jaundice is not treated clinically.

“What I want to tell communities at large including my colleagues, medical practitioners is that people including our patients don’t understand about Jaundice. There is the compound called Bilirubin, when malaria breaks the red blood cells, bilirubin enters into the plasma when red cells get finished by malaria. This entering of bilirubin into the plasma appears in the sclera of the eyes as yellow” he said.

“After the malaria effects the patients appear with yellow eyes as the case of Jaundice, people believe that that patient is not supposed to receive treatment. They say to inject somebody with injectable drugs leads to death. No that is not the case it is misunderstood. They may be right when they especially say it is not good for patients with jaundice to be injected with quinine. The case is not clinically wrong but when somebody is severely affected by malaria for a long time, Malaria is known to break red blood cells and quinine also breaks red cells when injected. In this case, one will die of anaemia and communities then conclude that it is the injection which kills” he explains.

Dr. Karlo called people to quickly respond to diseases that might be dangerous to children and seek for medical advice.

“We health practitioners are concerned about the lives of our people; it is sad to lose lives in very simple curable diseases, like malaria. I call people of all ages to quickly bring patients to the nearest clinics so that cases are addressed before they become complicated. Under age are so much affected by malaria and anaemia as a result of delaying them in the rural villages” he said.

Dr. Atem said the State Ministry of Education should increase it effort to strengthen health education in the villages in order to reduce on the number of diseases that can be prevented.


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