Traders’ Representative In Aweil Says Government Must Regulate Market Prices

The Chairperson of the Commerce Chambers in Aweil and Trader’s representative, Athian Athian says despite efforts by the Governor to remove all illegal tax checkpoints in the State, prices of goods have remained high.

By Agoth Abraham

AWEIL, 10 November 2016 [Gurtong]-He says market prices of food and non-food items have sky rocketed and is now urging the government to intervene and regulate the prices for the sake of the people in the State.

“Prices will not come down unless the government intervenes. Traders are carrying out their businesses as they like, free market which is affecting the consumers. Last week I managed to call the town council and the traders and we tried to discuss how best we can normalize the situation so that our people can afford the market prices, but there was no solution reached on the matter.” he said.

He says multiple taxes on commodities is the major contributor of price increase in the market.
Prices in the market as of now are as follows;

 3.7kg of Sorghum is 150 SSP

1 Kg of Sugar is 120 SSP

1kg of beef is 150 SSP

3.7kg of Groundnut is 60 SSP

1kg semsim is 130 SSP

Bol Kuan, is a trader in Wanyjok market, he says the prices of goods are expected to continue rising as they are running out of stock.

“We understand all these issues but the major problem is that we must all consider the losses incurred when transporting these goods and the lack of additional supplies when we run out of the few ones we have because of poor roads.” He said.


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