Over 400 Teachers Receive Training 0n Data Collection For Annual Education Census

At least 430 teachers from different Counties in Aweil East State have been trained on data collection for the annual education census in Aweil East.

Over 400 Teachers Receive Training 0n Data Collection For Annual Education Census
Teachers in Aweil East undergoing a training [Photo by Agoth Abraham]

By Agoth Abraham

WANY-JOK, 14 November 2016 [Gurtong]-
In the workshop held last week, at Panapuoth, teachers received skills of how best they can collect data about education in the State.

The workshop was organized by the National Ministry Education department of data and statistics and the State Ministry of Education in Aweil East.

The State Minister of Education, Hon. William Ater Lual emphasized on the importance of training saying the data will help the Ministry of Education to improve educational services that people are badly in need of.

“The knowledge you have received is intended to enable you collect qualitative and quantitative information about your schools in terms of number of facilities, teachers, pupils and equipment of a given school” he said.

Giir Mabior Chier the facilitator of the workshop also the national Deputy Director for Data Statistics says the purpose of the training is to equip teachers, head teachers and all managers of education to fill in questionnaires for planning purposes.

“This is essential for human life, it enhances decision makers to properly set plans which will improve available services and create opportunities for increasing quality services delivery.  The same information the National Ministry of Education collects, will be shared with other partners like UNICHIEF, UNESCO and World Bank and feedback are tangible programs like capitation grand, girl education motivation among others” he said.

“We intend to impart knowledge to you and your part is to receive it with commitment of collecting any required information about the number of schools in your State, County, Payam and Boma. This is important because it will make the work of the national ministry of education easy; an example is capitation grant which is supposed to cover many schools. Some schools did not receive capitation grant and this occurred when the ministry doesn’t have available information” said Giir Mabior.

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