CARITAS Partially Offering Health Support In Eastern Equatoria

CARITAS Torit, has said it has not totally pulled out their services in the States of Imatong and Namorunyang States.

CARITAS Partially Offering Health Support In Eastern Equatoria
Caritas staff and volunteers working in South Sudan, 17 May 2012 [Photo credit: Caritas international]

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, 04 December 2016 [Gurtong] - Caritas is among the many non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that seek to improve the health situation in South Sudan's Eastern Equatoria.

Caritas South Sudan is currently ironing out challenges it is facing in order to adequately provide the needed health services in the two States of Imatong and Namorunyang.

Reacting to what it terms as misleading messages sent to the public that it has fully pulled out of the region with its services, the organisation through its Managing Director, William Okot said that the organisation, have only temporarily suspended health support in areas where government service does not exist.

Some of the areas he mentioned were Isoke, part of Loa and parts of Magwi's outskirt Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCCs).

Okot clarifies that the support they are pursuing in the region is that of facilitating the government to stand on its own feet in sustaining health in favour of the vulnerable population.
Okot also said that Caritas after suspending its health support has now moved their support to only 3 health facilities namely; Isoke Mission Hospital, Magwi PHCC and Loa PHCC.

He says return to Kapoeta Mission Hospita and Narus PHCC in the future is not yet known as it seeks more funding from donors.

In September this year, Caritas Torit, announced to the media that they were forced to close down its health facilities in the region after funding became inadequate to run projects.

Among the health facilities affected in September included Isohe Mission Hospital, Narus PHCC and Kapoeta Mission Hospital.

The Namorunyang State Health Minister, Lorika Stella Brenda who said it was unfortunate that supported health facilities were shut down.

The CARITAS Torit Managing Director, Okot told the media that the organization had to temporarily shut down the facilities until new donors can be found.

"But we are still committed to resume if funding is found in the future."

"We are seeking for more donors to support the facilities so we as the service provider, shall be able to regain to restore the most needed service to the residents of the region," he expressed.

He urged the government to demonstrate commitment in taking the responsibility until funds are received by CARITAS Torit.

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