Lol State Records Low Enrolment Of Girls In Schools This Year

Angelo Wol Mawien, the Minister of Information and the Acting Minister of Education in Lol State has said that the State this year has recorded poor enrolment of girls in schools in 2016 compared to the previous years.

Lol State Records Low Enrolment Of Girls In Schools This Year
Students of Aweil seconday school pose for a group photo [Photo by Agoth Abraham]

By Agoth Abraham

NYAMLEL, 06 December 2016 [Gurtong]- “Girl child education is the concern of Lol State government and community. The enrolment is low but government of Lol State under the leadership of Rizik Zacharia Hassan is determined to see in to it that the number of school girls increase” he said.

According to the minister, many girls are denied their rights to attend school owing to social challenges which are connected to myths and community ideologies towards educating girls.

Wol was making the remarks during a ceremony organized by the administration of Valentino Achak Foundation [VAD] secondary School on Monday to bid farewell to this years' candidates.

The Director of the school thanked both government and communities for attending to witness the ceremony.

“I appreciate those who are here; your attendance encourages administration to do more for the school. Your children here you have seen them performing very well both in Primary leaving and South Sudan School Certificate. It is through your efforts that is why the school is performing well. What reduces the quality education is indiscipline in any competition. I urge you to help the school in building the character of children so that we are able to aim higher” he said.

The student’s representative, Atong Deng said most of the students are facing different challenges which require both government and parents to address in order for them to excel.


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