Governor Determined To Disarm Civilians In Rumbek

The Governor of Western Lakes State, Abraham Makoi Bol Kodi has told parliamentarians that his government is determined to disarm the civil population following recent violence in the State.

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 08 December 2016 [Gurtong]-Abraham Makoi said he acknowledges the progressive work on legislations and other major achievements made by the August house during the first session by tabling, formulating and finally passing into law the disarmament bill of civil population and the amendment of Western Lakes State constitution.

Abraham Makoi was addressing parliamentarians in the second session of parliament where he said Western Lakes State will be food insecure in April 2017 next Year because of drought caused by the long absence of rains that resulted to poor harvest.

“The Executive and the State assembly acknowledge the existing matter to put in place food security strategy and inform food partners so that they are aware and provide service at expected time,” said Makoi.

The Speaker of Western Lakes State Legislative Assembly, Marik Nanga Marik outlined some of the achievements of the first session of the assembly.

“These include amendment of the State constitution 2016, amendment of internal regulations of conduct of business of the assembly 2016, vetted and approved the appointment of ministers of the State government, passed the firearms and cattle movement Act 2016 and also passed ten resolutions on various issues deliberated by the assembly. They also formed the Adhoc committee to investigate market prices within Rumbek market and much oversight is expected in this second session,” stressed the Speaker, Marik Nanga.

Marik also said that MPs visited their constituencies to listen to problems and expectations of the people and participated in community conflict mitigations and peace building initiatives.

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