Candidates Sit For Final Primary Exams In Aweil East

At least 1724 pupils last week sat for their primary leaving examinations in Aweil East in seven different centers.

Candidates Sit For Final Primary Exams In Aweil East
Primary eight candidates of Malual Khon Plistening to the Governor of Aweil East State give a speech before sitting for their exams [Photo by Agoth Abraham]

By Agoth Abraham

WANY-JOK, 10 December 2016 [Gurtong]-
The Governor of Aweil East State, Hon. Deng Dng Akuei encouraged the candidates before beginning their exams on Monday.

“Today is the day to evaluate yourself and it is your turn to bring good results so that parents and teachers will feel proud of your performance. You have been doing the course for seven years and now is the time to prove to your friends, colleagues and entire State,” he said.

He also called on the community to respect the girl child and allow them to attain education.
“The number of girls in school is very low this is due to bad cultural practices and as the government, it is our duty not only responsibility to mobilize communities make them allow their children regardless of gender to go to learning centers” he said.

“Children are the future of the nation, there were not enough chances and opportunities when the Sudan regime fought the leaders of South Sudan; for the people of South Sudan and without exception of Aweil East State people, education was forgotten due to the war between South and North of Sudan. This is the time to allow girls and boys to have equal opportunity and I am telling you teachers to strive harder to bring girls to the level of boys in education in this State” said Governor Deng.  
The Director General in the Ministry of Education, Christopher Athian Door emphasized that the pupils have been equipped with knowledge and are ready to for the exams.

He said among the 1724 Primary eight and level four candidates, only 527 are girls saying the number is encouraging but the State Ministry of Education is aiming higher to mobilize more girls to go schools.

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