CEPO Holds One Day Peace Dialogue In Wau

A one day youth dialogue on peace safety organised by the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) was conducted in Wau town on Monday.

CEPO Holds One Day Peace Dialogue In Wau
Youth attending the peace dialogue in Wau [Photo by James Dimo]

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 11 January 2017 [Gurtong]-
The CEPO State Coordinator, Stephen Robo told Gurtong in an interview that the dialogue aims at bringing the State youth together following last years’ violence which broke out in the State and divided the youth along ethnic lines.

“This is an initiative of building confidence trust among the youth in Wau, this initiative was formed last year after the violence which erupted in Wau town and divided the youth in the State and it is being supported by Server World, it is a project of three years in south Sudan,” said Robo.

The dialogue brought together youth across the State including those sheltering at the protection sites in the State.

Robo said CEPO is working towards orienting the youth in backing activists in promoting peace and stability among the communities.

“Youth are the backbone of this country, if tomorrow we need to have lasting peace in our society; youth are the first to be championed because they are the future of this country. They need to be oriented in order to start having positive ideas of leading this country in the future,” said Robo.

Robo said CEPO is currently calling upon youth in South Sudan to stop negative ideologies that spread hatred among themselves based on ethnicity.

“Let them understand themselves as South Sudanese, let South Sudanese be their identity other than tribes, this will not happen unless people come to dialogue and accept one another,” said Robo.

A Similar dialogue is also lso being held by the State council of ministers run by the State government under the leadership of Bagari County Commissioner, Edmon Simon Ungango.

“Today we in Wau town, we are conducting a political dialogue, we want to discuss the political issues and security issues facing the County,” said Edmon Simon Ungango.

“The County headquarter is now controlled by the insurgencies and since my appointment last month, our State Governor told us to stay in Wau town until the insecurity in my County has improved. So today I have organised this dialogue such that we can drape ways forward on how to improve security in the area,” said Ungango.

“We are today gathering ideas we the sons and daughters of the County in order to inform those sons and sisters who are holding guns in the area that the time for peace has come, therefore, it is a time now that they can lay down their guns and come for dialogue such that we can work together for development of our county,” Said the Commissioner.

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