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Over 215,000 Girls To Receive Cash Transfer From GESS

At least 215,000 girls across the country will this week start receiving cash transfers from Girls’ Education South Sudan (GESS) according to the Team Leader Akuja de Garang.

 Over 215,000 Girls To Receive Cash Transfer From GESS
Pupils performing in an event recently [Photo by Jale Richard]

By Jale Richard

JUBA 26 September 2017 [Gurtong]-
The money from the UK aid is targeting girls from Primary Five to Senior Four (P5-S4) and each girls will received 2,900 South Sudanese Pounds  every year to keep them in school.

Speaking during the launch at St. Kizito Primary school in Munuki on Monday, De Garang said the grant is to encourage girls to go to schools and finish secondary level.

Girls’ Education South Sudan (GESS) is a six year program that started in 2013. It aims to transform a generation of South Sudanese girls by increasing access to quality education through providing cash money to the girls to buy scholastic materials.

The intervention from UK aid came as a result of high level rate of school dropout among the girls due to cultural, financial, and infrastructural factors that are preventing girls from going to school.

“I am delighted that more pupils are continuing their education for longer and especially that a record 250,000 girls are enrolled in Primary Five to Senior Four but there is much more to do to make sure that every girl can go to secondary school,” said Garang.

She said this year; GESS will provide 2,900 South Sudanese Pound to each validated school girl enrolled in and regularly attending school.

De Garang said also over 2,000 schools are benefitting from a capitation grant for the teachers, over 3,600 schools are targeted to benefit from the grant countrywide.

Michael Lopuke Lotyam, Undersecretary Ministry of General Education and Instruction, encouraged the girls, and parents to take school seriously.

“If you are a parent of a daughter in Primary Five to Senior Four, make sure she is attending regularly, make sure she has her cash transfers enrolment form with her and make sure you witness her getting her money ,” said Lotyam.

He warned teachers and parents who might want to use the girls’ money for other things.
 “I want to make it clear that Ministry of General Education and Instruction has zero tolerance of fraud and corruption and will press for serious penalties for any attempts to dishonest access, diversion or misuse of these funds,” he said.

An enrolment and attendance data collected by SAMS shows improvement in girls’ enrolment due to the impacts of cash transfers.

The gender gap between girls and boys is narrower than ever countrywide; girls now make up a record 44.5% of pupils, according to the SAMS report.



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