24 Mar 2019


Undersecretary Warns Against Fraud In GESS Cash Transfer

The Undersecretary in the Ministry of General Education and Instructions, Michael Lopuke Lotyam has issued warnings to the Director Generals of Education, County Education Officers, and Headteachers about defrauding the payment of Girls Education South Sudan (GESS) cash transfer to eligible girls.

 Undersecretary Warns Against Fraud In GESS Cash Transfer
Students of Juba Academy in class early this year. [Photo by Jale Richard]

By Jale Richard

JUBA, 03 October 2017 [Gurtong]-Last week, GESS announced that it will pay over 215,000 girls across the country their cash transfers. Every eligible girl will receive South Sudanese Pounds 2,900 for this academic year, to motivate them stay in school. Only girls enrolled in Primary five  to Senior Four, and regularly attending school are eligible to receive the money.

In a letter seen by Gurtong, Lotyam  said those who would attempt to substitiute for girls who were validated but are absent, or to get girls from lower year groups paid, will be dealth with severly.

“Consequnces may include disqualification from this and future cash transfer payments, having misappropriated funds deducted from future capitation grant payments, being disqualified from capitation grants altogether, and/or actions against individuals and groups,” he said.

“Funds paid out belong to the girls in question, and they are strognly encouraged to use them for purposese that will support and enable their education,” he added.

This comes after last year some fraud cases were reported in the process of paying the girls.
The Undersecretary said “any attempts to take funds away from the girls, whether by teachers, officials, police, or anyone else, is an offence, and will be dealth with severly.”

Lotyam said any teacher who attempts to deprive eligible girls of all or part of their cash transfer payment will be reported to the State Ministry of Education for administrative actions.  

He added that there must not be any taxation of schools by officials due to the cash transferes.

“To receive, they must have been validated, received and completed a Cash Transferes Enrolment Form, and present their Cash Transfer Enrolment Form and identification documents,” Lotyam said.

He said girls must receive their funds in person. Girls under 18 years old should be accompanied by a parentor gurduian when attending school to receive their cash transfer, inorder to minimize risks to them during and after payment has taken place.

GESS is a six year program that started in 2013. It aims to transform a generation of South Sudanese girls by increasing access to quality education through providing cash money to the girls to buy scholastic materials.

The intervention from UK aid came as a result of high level rate of school dropout among the girls due to cultural, financial, and infrastructural factors that are preventing girls from going to school.


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