25 Oct 2020


National NGO Expo Opens In Juba

A three-day exposition by National Non-governmental Organizations in the country opened yesterday to showcase products and activities of the National NGOs in helping the people of South Sudan realize peace.

National NGO Expo Opens In Juba
Mr. Alain Noudehou, UNMISS Deputy Special Representative inspects National NGOs. [Gurtong/Jale Richard]

By Jale Richard

JUBA, 27October 2017 [Gurtong] - The exhibition under the theme “Working 24/7 to achieve lasting peace and sustainable development in South Sudan” was opened by Mr. Alain Noudehou, the  Deputy Special Representative in the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), who is also the Humanitarian Coordinator and Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

At least 82 National NGOs and citizens’ initiatives are showcasing their activities in thirteen different sectors to draw attention to the urgent need for peace in South Sudan.

The sectors include advocacy, women empowerment, human rights, protection, youth empowerment, emergency and rapid response, social enterprises, health, water, sanitation and hygiene (wash), food security and livelihood, governance, community security and peace,  nutrition, education, and charity work.

On the second day, documentary films will be shown in the theater, while on the final day, the Anataban peace campaign group will perform for peace.

The Humanitarian Resident Cordinator, Mr. Alain Noudehou said the local organizations are often first to respond to help in areas where conflict and insecurity has made it hard for the international organizations to operate.

He noted that all the local organizations are complimenting the international organizations and UN agencies by implementing programs of the South Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan of 2017.

Noudehou said the local NGOs enable communities to build more resilience to disasters, and stabilization through the works of the national NGOs. However, he said there should be more resources and spaces provided to enable the local organizations effectively deliver services to the people.

“The more space, the more facility, the better they provide their work, the better they deliver services,” he said.

Jane Alfonse, outgoing National NGO Steering Committee Chairperson said the top priority of national organizations is making peace through their works in peace related activities in the country.

She appealed for security and access to the areas that need the most help, so that the people get services from the national NGOs. She said the donors should also trust the works of the national NGOs and also the communities should trust the services they are providing to them.

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