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VISTAS/AECOM: RFP For Borehole Drilling in Lologo North, Juba/South Sudan



Date: November 22nd-, 2017

Request for Proposal RFP VIS-ER1694

Borehole Drilling in Lologo North, Juba/ South Sudan

The Viable Support to Transition and Stability Program (VISTAS), funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) under contract No. AID-668-C-13-00004 and implemented by AECOM International Development South Sudan (AISS) is seeking best value proposal for drilling of Borehole Drilling in Lologo North, Juba/ South Sudan.

Interested Offerors wishing to participate in a competitive bidding process are encouraged to visit the VISTAS Procurement Department, in the Next to Immigration to Office, Kololo Road, Plot No. 5, Block Number 3K South, 2nd, class area, Tong Ping, Juba South Sudan. To request the RFP documents, and/or request that these documents can be sent by email as an electronic copy by emailing procurement.bids@aissudan.com Alternative emails: hasan.alshammari@aissudan.com and obed.joseph@aissudan.com Please reference the RFP number and activity title in the email subject line.  All vendors interested in bidding are required to attend the Bidders’ Meeting held at the VISTAS office on Thurday November 30, 2017, 3:00 PM Juba South Sudan time.  Vendors not attending will not be considered for award.  Information on the submission of questions for this meeting is available in the RFP document. 

Note: The Terms and Conditions of the RFP are critical and should be reviewed by all offerors; failure to adhere to these terms may lead to disqualification.




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