18 Jan 2019


SPLA-IO General Defects To Government

A top SPLA-IO General loyal to Taban Den Gai on Monday declared his intention to join the government forces in Imatong State.

By Charles Kay

JUBA, 28 February 2018 [Gurtong]-
Brigadier General Joseph Igga Yuggu made the announcement on Monday during a press conference in Juba.

He said his decision to join the government forces is in a bid to bring lasting peace.

“I decided to go into the bush, and I only decided to come back. Because what I’ve seen what am doing will not bring peace to our country through fighting. Unless we come back, and we sit down with our people we can never bring peace,” said General Igga.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Imatong State, Tobiolo Alberio Oromo confirmed that at least seven opposition fighters have already joined the government, and more others are expected to come.
The Governor applauded the team headed by Brigadier General Joseph Igga Yuggu saying that the move paves way for peace and gives hope to the people in the State and the country at large.

“We established course communication with the head of this team and of course he assured me that they are coming for the implementation of peace in the country,” said the Governor.

He also promised to work hand in hand with the IO forces to bring about lasting peace in the State and South Sudan as a whole.

“That is a very good move taken by Brigadier Joseph Igga Yuggu and his team, and I promise to work with them. It has given us more strength to consolidate and build peace in Imatong State. We call upon all those still in the bushes, especially in Pageri County.”

Crises spread in most parts of the country after the July conflict erupted at J1 in 2016.
Many factions were formed in protest of the current regime which the defectors claimed it caused the massive suffering of its own people in the country.

The equatorial regions were the most affected causing massive displacement and leaving thousands fleeing to neighbouring countries.


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