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Public Schools Warned Against Charging Students School Fees

The Minister of General Education and Instruction on Wednesday issued a warning to heads of schools charging students school fees despite the government policy of free primary and secondary education to all public schools.

By Charles Kay

JUBA, 03 March 2018 [Gurtong]-Deng Deng Hoc Yai said that schools that are still demanding for school fees are violating the law and will be charged accordingly.

“This school fee or registration fee collected by a public school is illegal, it is a violation of the law and any head teacher or any teacher collecting these fees will have to refrain immediately, if not we will take administrative measures,” said the Education Minister.

Minister Deng warned that failure to comply with the order will lead to lose of jobs.
“Any individuals making it impossible for the citizens to exercise their right to education will have to be penalized and those head teachers that are found to be guilty will lose their jobs.”

George Moga, Chair of the Technical Committee for the Capitation Grants, which is one of the strategies through which government supports the public schools to implement the free education policy, said there are two forms of grants given to public schools in order to run the schools’ activities.

“If you have Primary or secondary public school, it is given twenty thousand as base payment, the rest is considered as capitation grant,” he said.

According to Moga, the capitation grant is the calculation of each students enrolled in school times 120 SSP which he said is given in two phases, in the beginning of the academic year and the other at the end of the academic year.

Meanwhile, the Education minister noted various challenges facing the ministry in attempt to put in place measures and implement government policies.

Deng Hoc mentioned that the country has more than 1.8 million children out of school, which he believes is a crucial issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

He mentioned lack of quality education as one of the challenges facing the country. “We have quality education but it is not good enough.” The minister stressed.

Honorable Deng Deng Hoc Yai also appreciated the UK government for bridging the gender gap in the country by promoting girls enrollment and, retention in school through the “Girls Education South Sudan, GESS program.

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