22 May 2019


Yei Governor Expresses Readiness For Dialogue With SPLA-IO Armed Groups

The Governor of Yei River State has expressed readiness to hold an open dialogue with members of the main armed opposition group, the Sudan people’s liberation Army (SPLA) operating in the various bushes of Yei River State in an effort to restore total peace and stability in the region.

Yei Governor Expresses Readiness For Dialogue With SPLA-IO Armed Groups
Governor of Yei River State, Emmanuel Adil Anthony [Gurtong photo|Daniel Friday Martin]

 By Daniel Friday Martin

YEI, 10 March 2018 [Gurtong]-Speaking at the 3rd round of the opening of the State Legislative Assembly held under the theme “towards sustainable peace, reconciliation and unity for development in Yei River State” on Friday, Emmanuel Adil Anthony said he has come to pursue peace, reconciliation, unity and stability in the whole State.

Adil said for Yei River State to realize its state’s vision of “peaceful and prosperous state” and make Yei great again, there is need for peace and security.

Adil said his Government is ready to meet the armed groups wherever they want to be so that they can together sit down and agree on issues of concern which were not addressed in the earlier grass root peace agreement.

“I want to take this opportunity to call on our brothers and sisters who took up arms against the government to denounce war and embrace dialogue. This opportunity will also address issues not met by the grass root peace dialogue. I am ready to meet you at any place of your convenience to end the suffering of our people” he added.

Adil further revealed that the presidential amnesty is open and active in Yei River State. “The presidential amnesty still holds and I will guarantee your safety and this is my assurance as the governor of Yei River State”

According to Adil, the two year war in Yei River State has badly affected the livelihoods of the people adding that it’s high time for all stakeholders in peacemaking to come together and work towards restoration of peace, stability so as to pave way for peaceful co-existence and advance the agenda for development and service delivery to the common people at the grass roots.

“Building sustainable peace and stability calls for involvement of all stake holders, hence, my government will include the chiefs, the elders, land lords, women and youth leaders, religious leaders, army commanders, Payam and Boma administrators so that together we move towards collective ownership and restoration of peace and stability in Yei River State”  Mr. Adil revealed.

However, Gurtong could not reach members of the armed opposition groups to comment on the Governor’s peace statement.



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