18 Jan 2019


National Revenue Authority To Penalize Tax Defaulters

The Commissioner General of the national revenue authority Olympio Attipo has warned to use lawful measures to deal with tax defaulters in the country.

By Charles Kay

JUBA, 22 March 2018 [Gurtong] -The government says through the Ministry of Finance and Planning it is embarking on revenue modernization and tax policy reforms to boost non-oil revenue generation in a transparent and accountable manner.

Dr. Olympio said that even though most of the business entities use self-assessment tax system, 10 of some companies in the country owe over 3 billion South Sudanese pounds to the government.

“So, if you start pursuing them to pay that 3 billion SSP, they’ll be making noise that revenue authority or tax officers are chasing them. But this is legal government money they own. And we are going to collect it with penalties.” Dr. Olympio stressed.

The commissioner said the authority will pursue legal channels to apprehend defaulters.

“We are going to make sure that if people refuse to pay tax or offend the law in terms of manipulating the tax system, we’ll process them according to the rule of law and present them before the court.” He added.

Mary Ayo, a tax payer said that the government’s tax is too high and is affecting businesses.
“You look at the amount of money being collected daily besides the monthly charges, it really discourages many women from doing business, because at the end of the month you find that there is no profit gained,” she said.

Meanwhile the Chief Justice Chan Reec Madut said the Judiciary will be committed to assist the revenue authority to achieve the tax policy reforms to boost non-oil revenue in the country.

“As government institutions, we are obliged to collaborate according to the law, but this will require involvement of the ministry of justice as well.” he said.

The government with support from UNDP and the Japanese government opened State revenue authority offices in Aweil, Yambio and Jubek States in 2017.


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