20 Mar 2019


Government Losing Millions In Tax Exemptions

The Commissioner General of South Sudan’s revenue authority has revealed that the country has lost over 750,000 Million South Sudanese Pounds in February alone as a result of NGOs evading tax payments.

 Government Losing Millions In Tax Exemptions

By Charles Kay

JUBA, 29 March 2018 [Gurtong]-While addressing Journalists on Tuesday after a meeting with commercial banks, Olympio Attipoe the Commissioner general said that there are still many loopholes such as evasion and tax avoidance in which the government is still losing huge amounts of money.

“These are the loopholes we want to prevent; in terms of evasion, Noncompliance; for payment, reporting, submission of returns and then the general manipulation of the taxes and other mechanisms. These are the areas we need to focus on to protect the government’s revenue,” said Attipoe.

Mr. Olympio said his meeting with the commercial banks was to discuss ways forward on the new ideas the revenue authority intends to implement.

“We want a situation where by if any money is paid by a tax payer in any commercial bank that money can reflect directly in the system of the revenue authority.” Olympio explained.

Whereas some bank managing directors did not express their views over the commissioner’s intention to interlink the banking system with the revenue technological system, some welcomed the move and pledged support and to cooperate to improve the revenue system in the country.

“As commercial banks, we are happy and we say we learn through mistakes, our expectations are high with what he is going to do in the area of the system with all his expertise, we’ll review and improve to the best.” Said Bruna Cilicio Iro, MD; Ivory Bank and representative of commercial banks.

About nine commercial banks that attended the meeting were asked to prepare their innovative ideas and present them to the commissioner general for deliberation.

Last week, the nation’s revenue Authority also revealed that about ten companies owe over three billion South Sudanese Pounds to the government.

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