25 May 2019


Registration Of IDPs To Begin In Wau Town

The State Director for the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) in Wau State has said his office has reached an agreement with humanitarian agencies to take necessaries measures to start registering Displaced Person aimed at supplying food assistance to residential areas within the town.

By James Deng Dimo

WAU 12 April 2018 [Gurtong] -
Speaking to Gurtong on Tuesday, Wau State RRC Director, Michael Geba said the registration is being taken care of by the IOM while the WFP is waiting for the registration completion in order to start food distribution to the returnees.

According to Michael Geba, the move is being proposed as a programme to enable thousands of the displaced persons sheltering at the UN protections and civilians collective sites to return to their residential homes.

He said the plan was also agreed upon by the humanitarian agencies in a committee meeting shared by the government member’s committee.

“In the combined meeting between the State government and the UNMISS, it was agreed that to encourage the people in the PoCs and collective centres to return back to their residential areas, there is a need for food to be distributed, So when this resolution was passed in that meeting, they requested the humanitarian committee in which am the Chairperson to come out with a working plan on how that should be done. We sat down with the humanitarian committee that compose of board the committee formed by the government and the key clusters leaders from humanitarian agencies and we reviewed the plans of how the food can be distributed in the residential areas taking in consideration all the challenges that will be involved and what could be done to avoid double allocation because the people have card ratios that are issued at the collective camp or PoCs,” he said.

Michael Geba said the most targeted residential areas are Awiel-Jedid, Lokoloko, Al-Jezeera, Jebel-Kheer and Nazareth areas respectively.

Geba however reiterated the limitation of food ratio. He said the most vulnerable community would be considered first.

Since the violence erupted in Wau town between 2015 and 2016, thousands of residents fled  their homes and sheltered at the UN protection, open space and other civilians protection sites.

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