24 Feb 2019


Can We South Sudanese Rise Beyond Tribal Boundaries,

Embrace peace, be loyal to the nation, and our neighbours?...When regime change happens after an extremely bad governance situation, it is often not a pretty event."

By Peter Deng*

Leaders come and go.  That is the wish at any rate. On the African continent, we have seen many leaders both overstay their welcome and loot everything that isn’t tied down. When regime change happens after an extremely bad governance situation, it is often not a pretty event.
What has been the impact of lousy governance in Libya, Ethiopia and Uganda? What became of the alliances and relatives of the leaders after the regime changed? Again, not a pretty picture.
Some abuses of power can be overlooked and forgiven if the leadership network makes an honest effort to leave the country in better shape than it was when they arrived. Not the best of worlds, but not the worst.
Both those in power and the opposition seem not to have the best interest of the people in mind as they try to carve up the cow.
Regarding the violence in our country. What is the long-term impact on those who are attacked and killed and on those who know of nothing else but attacking and killing? What are the real chances of societal normalcy?
Regarding the Sudans. The abuse of the south triggered two civil wars that spanned decades. What will the current abusive and criminal tactics in South Sudan spawn? Is there a way out?
I want Africans leaders to move towards creating a conducive environment for ex-leaders. An example is the former President of Kenya Moi staying in his residence. Hopefully, that will work out peacefully for all concerned.
Is Mengistu happy in exile? How are the supporters whom he has left behind? Is this type of solution not a solution at all?
I drafted this as a series of questions because I don’t believe my thoughts on the subject could possibly come up with the right answers. Hopefully, I am asking the right questions.  I welcome your comments.
*Peter Deng is publisher of Africa World Books



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28/04/2018, 12:14 PM
 - Posted by Jacob Akol
"Can we South Sudanese rise beyond tribal boundaries?".Yes, but only if we, at this point, accept peace unconditionally, followed by inclusive National Dialogue centred on involving all our communities for a new democratic constitution based on fair share of power and wealth for all our ethnic communities. If we chose to do that willingly without ifs and buts, we may get universal support regionally and internationally. The UN/International Community or individual governments have gone as far as they can with 'targeted sanctions' and provision of 7,000 UNMISS forces, if only to guarantee relative safety of international personnels and providing an abode for those displaced by warring South Sudanese. While individual countries like Uganda or Sudan may legitimately intervene on behalf of the government on the basis that "we were invited by a friendly government", it is unlikely that any external force will intervene militarily against a sitting South Sudanese government on grounds that "it is corrupt" or "slaughtering and displacing her own people" as those opposed to Kiir would like see. Doing so would invite intervention by others on behalf Kiir's government, just as has happened in Syria. It is time to think outside the box and do the unexpected: Peace, with the only condition that we start an inclusive National Dialogue with clear goals for the future.
28/04/2018, 12:15 PM
 - Posted by Jacob Akol
Peter Lual Reech Deng Thank for all the efforts, I am still worried about the impact of adverse governance on the people who blindly support leaders because of the relatives but not right policies.
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