18 Jan 2019


South Sudan Peace Talks Postponed Again

The Intergovernmental Authority on Development mediating the South Sudan peace talks has postponed the resumption of the scheduled talks again.

South Sudan Peace Talks Postponed Again

By Ojwe Lumara

JUBA, 28 April 2018 [Gurtong]- It is the second rescheduling of the talks which was initially slated for April 26th. According to IGAD, the next session of the HLRF will be from 17 May to 21 May 2018.

In a statement from the office of IGAD Special Envoy to South Sudan on Thursday evening, Ambassador Ismail Wais said they decided to postpone the next second phase of the High-level Revitalization Forum (HLRF) for South Sudan after the Office of the Chairperson of IGAD Council of Ministers met with IGAD Ambassadors in Addis Ababa On 25th April 2018, to assess the positions of the Parties.

 “The Office together with the Ambassadors group deliberated on the outcomes of the shuttle diplomacy meetings held with South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA), South Sudan People Liberation Movement/Army In Opposition   (SPLM/A-IO), Civil Society Groups and other stakeholders and has agreed that there still exist wide gaps between the different groups that need to be narrowed,” Ambassador Wais said in the press statement.

He said the office of the Chairperson of IGAD Council of Ministers decided to postpone the next HLRF Phase to “allow continuation of shuttle diplomacy meetings with the Parties to the South Sudan conflict in order to have a meaningful outcome of the mediation.”

The peace talks were suspended in February after close to two weeks of negotiations.


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