18 Jan 2019


Court Acquits Journalist Accused Of Embezzlement In Eastern Lakes State

A journalist who was arrested for allegedly misappropriating public funds in Eastern Lakes has been acquitted by a court in the State.

By Mabor Riak Magok

YIROL, 30 April 2018 [Gurtong]-John Agok, the Manager of Yirol Community Radio, was arrested last month after he was said to have misused 78,000 pounds raised by the community to renovate the station.

The orders for his arrest were made by the State Governor, Mangar Buong.

Journalist Agok said he was falsely accused by the Minister of Information who borrowed 33,000 Pounds out of the money he raised and could not pay back.

He stated that the remaining 45,000 SSP was used to pay workers who put up the fence for the radio station in Yirol.

Materials for constructing the fence, including barbed wire and timber were donated to the station by a local organization.

John Agok told Gurtong that he was acquitted by the court last Monday after he proved he was innocent.

“I happened to be acquitted by the court because all those accusations they put on me were baseless; they were unfounded,” he said.

The Minister of Information of Eastern Lakes, Abraham Majok Makur, has not commented on the matter.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Eastern Lakes who is currently in Juba, said he does not oppose the court ruling.

Mangar Buong said anyone who has a claim against the court’s decision will have to appeal.
“Mine is to direct people to the law. When I get the papers that he has been released, anyone who has a claim against him will have to just appeal.”

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