18 Jan 2019


Igga Says Government Committed To Achieving Lasting Peace

South Sudan Vice-President James Wani Igga says that the government is working towards bringing normalcy and total peace in Wau State and the rest of the country following the conflict that displaced thousands of civilians from their homes between 2015 and 2016.

Igga Says Government Committed To Achieving Lasting Peace
James Wani Igga addressing press in Wau State [Gurtong photo|James Dimo]

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 30 April 2018 [Gurtong] - During an interview with Gurtong while on an official visit to Wau last week, he said those residing at the UN protection of civilians sites will be assisted to smoothly return to their homes in order to rebuild their lives.

On the peace process, Igga said the government is committed to bring lasting peace in the country this time round.

He however said there are a lot of demands from the opposition groups.

“Basically we are expecting a peace rally, all the people of South Sudan need peace even we in government do not want our people in such messes caused by the conflict in the first place so this conflict must end,” said Igga.

“In the second phase of the peace process, our delegation was briefed by the president and told not to come back without peace but when they returned, they came without a lasting peace signed due to what they got from the opposition,” said Igga.

He said the opposition was demanding for President Salva Kiir Mayrdit to step down from power, something which the president made clear that he will not.

He said the government is ready to negotiate with the opposition in the scheduled third phase to reach a lasting peace accord this time round.

Meanwhile, he called on all those sheltering at the UN Protection of Civilian Sites to slowly begin returning to their homes as the situation is now relatively calm.

While addressing a public rally in Wau Freedom Square last week, Igga urged the army opposition groups still holding arms against the government in Wau State to return home for peace.

“I want to tell our people who ran the UN bases during the conflict in Wau, there is some peace now, let them come out for sure, we need freedom in Wau such that we cultivate in our nation, we want to cultivate, without freedom, there will be no cultivation, no schools, no hospitals and there will be nothing,” Igga said.

“This is our nation; let’s not commit destructions as we are going ahead. This is our last destination and this message goes to especially those people with arms, for those opposition in the forest, this is your nation and the president has granted amnesty, let us come
together. I want to take this opportunity to tell our people that there is an ongoing national dialogue, that there is a peace revitalization process going on in Addis Ababa,” he added.


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