24 Mar 2019


Ministry Of Agriculture And FAO Launch Seeds Distribution In Western Lakes

The Ministry of Agriculture in partnership with Food and Agriculture Organization FOA, last week launched seeds and agricultural tools distribution to communities of Abiena-ajok Rumbek of Western Lakes Sate.

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 11 May 2018[Gurtong]-
The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry in Western Lakes State, Stephen Mathiang Deng Monydit said that insecurity across the State interrupted farming last year which later led to food shortage.

Mathiang appealed to the non-governmental organizations to double their efforts to support agriculture in Western Lakes State.

“Food insecurity contributes to this crises, the reason people do go to the main road for robbery has nothing to do with revenge killing, but it is because of shortage. So this year the State government is appealing to you partners to double efforts to the people in terms of providing seeds and agricultural tools for them to cultivate in this season until December,” he said.

The Food and Agriculture organization (FOA) Project Coordinator in Lakes State, Mr James Okiry says that the objective of this project is to sensitize the farmers to prepare themselves for planting when the rainy season starts.

He added that they are targeting 34,000 households.

“The objective is to sensitize farmers so that they can be prepared for this years’ planting season to increase their activities so that Lakes State and indeed South Sudan will have to improve the food security situation. I just want to say that the target for this years’ rainy season is just about 34 thousand households which we will utilize well. It will create an impact to this community, and this will be reached through impact trade fair and direct seeds distribution,” said Okiry.

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