25 May 2019


South Sudan Remembrance Project Monthly Update: May 2018

Through online submissions, online research and volunteers on the ground in South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda, the ‘Remembering the Ones We Lost’ (ROWL) has been documenting names of victims of South Sudanese conflicts since 1955.

JUBA, 31 May 2018 [Gurtong]-Remembering the Ones We Lost is a public memorial website that seeks to provide a platform for the public to submit names of their loved ones and contribute to naming and acknowledging all victims of violent conflict from 1955 to date.

The initiative raises the issue of prevalent and widespread violence in South Sudan and demonstrates the shared loss of the people.

It is also an initiative by South Sudanese Civil Society members who feel strongly about the importance of naming victims of conflict and a memorialization to acknowledge lives lost and hope this will contribute towards peace and reconciliation.

In their latest update so far the names of the victims’ that have been documented has totalled 6000.

This has been categorized according to the type of violence as follows;

1955 – 1972 number of victims was 112
1983 – 2015 number of victims was 228; from Community Violence number of victims was 71 and other Violence 165 while those from unknown Gunmen were 84
December 2013 to date the number of victims were 5340

Below is the number of victims according to years;

1955 – 2012 (369)
2013 (2321)
2014 (1930)
2015 (807)
2016 (361)
2017 (174)
 2018 (38)

The deceased accounted for 5873 while those still missing are 127. Categorised according sex is, 1103 female and 4897 male. Most victims are between the ages of 40-44.

According to Nationality the deceased accounted for 5960 South Sudanese and 40 were from other nationalities.

For more information visit http://rememberingoneswelost.com


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