25 May 2019


Ngap And Abiriu Communities Of Gok Complaining Of Land Encroachment By Western Lakes

The Ngap and Abiriu Community of Gok State have written a petition to parliament complaining of land encroachment by Western Lakes State.

By Mabor Riak Magok

CUEBET, 14 June 2018 [Gurtong]-
The Speaker of Gok State, Veronica Ujima  Philiph Dak says that parliament has received the two petitions.

In an interview with Gurtong, Veronica Ujima Philip said that the State assembly members have no summoned the Commissioners of the two Counties of Ngap and Duony and the minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agency to appear before the house today Thursday.

She said, that the assembly had resolved that the Commissioner of Duony County of Gok State should not use the flag of his County in the territory of Abieicok, and that he should evacuate the area by moving immediately to Duony County headquarters.

Madam Veronica Philip said the community of Abieicok of Abiriu in Gok State brought their petition to parliament accusing the community of Duong of land encroachment and renaming their territories which includes areas of Mayiro, Guar-ru and other places.

“The community of Duony County is making land encroachment by moving back towards the areas of Mayiro and Guar-ru, and they are renaming and naming new and old places with their own different names. That’s why the community of Abieicok of Abiriu County wrote the petition against Duony community to evacuate the areas and move away to their original land where they can get better services and development in the County,” said Madam Philip.

She also said that the other community which had brought their petition is the community of Ngap County where land encroachment between Western Lakes and Gok States has intensified in the Southern part of Cueibet capital.

“The community of Ngap County of Gok State had written a petition asking the government of Western Lakes State to stop giving directives to its County Commissioner of Bahr el Gel to cease land encroachment in Ngap County headquarters which it has had occupied right now,” said the Speaker.

She said the community of Ngap County has also urged the government of Western Lakes State to order the Commissioner of Bahr el Gel County to return back to his County headquarters of Bahr el Gel County.

The Minister of Information and Communication in Western Lakes State, Shadrack Bol Machok said he is first consulting with his State Governor on allegations of land encroachment against the State government before he  could comment on the matter.


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