24 Mar 2019


Memorial Newspaper Edition Launched In Wau

A newspaper publishing basically historical facts about South Sudanese liberation struggles has been launched in south Sudan Wau town.

Memorial Newspaper Edition Launched In Wau

 By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 19 July 2018 [Gurtong] -The newspaper named as July 11, the weekly print news was founded by Michael Daniel Margan who is the Editor-in- Chief based in Wau town.

Michael said the paper mainly publishes historical records of the then Sudan and struggles of Southerners against the Khartoum regimes.

“The main target is historical events that happened since from the old Sudan up to the secession of South Sudan. Our main ideas are historical dates, historical moments of our heroes until we received our new nation,” he said.

The founder, whose background is journalism, said the Arabic paper is named after the massacre of 75 intellectuals at the Cypriano Cyer House in 1965 at Nimra talata residential area in Wau by the Sudanese security personnel.

“We lost 75 intellectuals from South Sudan not only from Wau, but from Yambio, Torit, Upper Nile and even Rumbek and so that date is very important,” Mr. Michael recalled.

“11 July is an Arabic newspaper, actually it is weekly not daily from Monday to Friday, the newspaper is focusing on different parts, culture, sports, political and social, all these stories you will find them in the 11 July,” he added.

The 75 intellectuals including new South Sudanese graduate’s students were targeted at the party meal at Cypriano Cyer house in Wau town due to their political struggle against the Khartoum regime in the South.

He said the incident should be remembered because “they lived together in peace and unity” regardless of their ethnicity-some he said South Sudanese need to learn from.

The paper issued its first publication on the 12th of this month after the launch last week.

It somewhat, reports about the current economic and social cultural issues including sports.

The first issuance – just 75 copies were distributed in Aweil, Abyei and Kwajok.


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