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Yei Education Stakeholders Vow To Fight Illiteracy

Teachers and educationists in South Sudan’s Yei River State have been urged to join formal education training programs in an effort to fight illiteracy and contribute positively in transforming the country.

 Yei Education Stakeholders Vow To Fight Illiteracy
Yei Teachers Training College [Gurtong photo|Daniel Friday]

By Daniel Friday Martin

YEI 29 August 2018[Gurtong] –Amule Felix the Director General in the State Ministry of Education quoted the late Nelson Mandela at the end of the apartheid policy in South Africa as saying “Ladies and gentlemen we are not yet done with the fight against illiteracy, we need to grab a tool for societal transformation and that is education” end quote.

Amule called on stakeholders in Yei River State to invest on education as the only tool to fight against poverty, underdevelopment and illiteracy.

“I want all the stake holders to invest on education right from our family levels and the State government to create a dream of hope for the development of the State. Education should be taken as top priority” he added.

Amule also said Yei River State is blessed with educated human resource but lack of attractive salary motivation is forcing education practitioners out of the teaching profession.

“As we resume the operation of this learning college, I call upon the top leadership of the State to factor and prioritize teacher’s motivation in the education budget as a top agenda as many trained teachers capable of teaching our young generation graduate yearly from Yei Teachers’ Training College” said Amule.

The Director General called on the volunteer teachers who have been in the teaching field for the last two years to enroll and attend formal education training from the college.
James Kepo is the principle of Yei Teachers Training College. He expressed happiness on the re-opening of the college.

“To the teachers who are here, I want to say thank you for joining us. I want to say we have listened to the call and cry of the education ministry on the re-opening of the college and we have started by launching the Yei teacher training program for Yei River State which is part of the return of the college into full operation.”

Kepo thanked the government and its education partners for having exerted efforts for the tremendous success ranging from human resource and infrastructural developments for the last two decades.

The principle reiterated its commitment to improving the quality of education by training more teachers to fight illiteracy in the State.

Mr. Kepo called on the government to invest in the education sector, address weak education system and poor motivation for teachers. Kepo suggested three key factors to improve the quality of education in the State.

“Its self-evident that teachers education cannot thrive when there are no resources devoted to it. To provide better training and increase supply of teachers in the country, there are three factors which are very critical; firstly we need to increase the funding level to the education sector, secondly we need to improve the condition of  service for the teachers and thirdly we need to improve the infrastructure of the education sector,” said Kepo.

Kepo said that education is powerful in uniting the country. “There is no short cut to a decent nation, but we have to all work for it and we can do so through education. I call upon our people to work together with determination and resilience for better education. It’s also my prayer that together our work will yield fresh hopes and a better future for the children of our beloved mother land South Sudan” he concluded.

For his part, Hillary Luate Adeba, Bishop of the Episcopal diocese of Yei and board chairman of YTTC is appealing to the State government to improve on teacher’s motivation in a bid to fight illiteracy and improve the quality of education in the State.

Hillary said he felt shocked that three quarter of the teachers teaching in the schools are untrained and urges the government to restore peace and prioritize rehabilitation of schools in the rural areas of the state.

 “The Government should now improve the salaries of the teachers because one of the challenges demoralizing teachers is the very low teachers’ salaries and they must get better pay. I still feel very sorry because there are thousands of primary school children in the rural areas without access to education. As soon as the situation improves, the ministry of education must conduct assessment and rehabilitation plans to improve the quality of education in the state” said Hillary.

Bishop Hillary said the administration of the college and its board is working very hard to open Yei centenary university.

“I wish to state that now the college has returned home, we are going to work very hard to have Yei Centenary University get registered by the government and launched as an important project for Yei River State because this was a decision of the board and I want to thank the government and partners of Yei teachers training college for standing with us and increase more support to train more teachers in the country.”

Taban David, a primary school teacher welcomed the re-opening of the college and expressed readinesses to continue attaining professional teachers training skills to enable him delivery sufficient knowledge to the learners.

“I was a first year teacher who enrolled for a teaching profession training but I could not continue because of the conflict that badly affected Yei River State but now with the resumption of the college I am very happy that I will continue with my professional training and become a qualified teacher after my course” he added.

Meanwhile Yusto Baba, the Deputy Governor of Yei River State welcomed the re-opening of the college and expressed the State government’s commitment to supporting the college in fighting illiteracy in the State.

We have a view that it’s only through education that we can fight illiteracy in this country and in our rating as a government, we have prioritized education as a top agenda” he said.

Responding to challenges facing the education sector in the State Yusto said, the government has prioritized timely motivation of teachers based on new grading system.

The introduction of new teacher’s salaries is already on pipeline and this will be considered accordingly. Our ministry of education and finance has been tasked to tackle this issue and the new salary scale must reflect and address the challenges facing teacher’s motivation.”

The officials made the remarks at the official re-opening of Yei teachers training college on Monday last week.


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