20 Jun 2019


UN Calls For Control Of Forces After Peacekeeper Shot At

The United Nations Representative in South Sudan has called on the government to control its forces after a Nepalese peacekeeper serving with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan was on Saturday shot and wounded by an SPLA soldier while traveling in a convoy in the town of Yei.

UN Calls For Control Of Forces After Peacekeeper Shot At
United Nations Representative in South Sudan, David Shearer [File photo]

By Ojwe Lumara

JUBA, 17 September 2018 [Gurtong]-The convoy was travelling from the UN base in Yei to collect water at about 8.30am. An SPLA soldier started shooting in the air near the UNMISS convoy of four vehicles, which included two water tankers.

The soldier then shot directly at one of the vehicles, hitting the Nepalese peacekeeper in the leg, and ran off into a crowd. The troops were unable to return fire as they did not want to risk injuring civilians. The peacekeeper was evacuated to the UN base before being airlifted to Juba for further medical treatment, according to a statement issued by United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

“This direct attack on UN peacekeepers here to help the people of South Sudan is unacceptable. The perpetrator must be found and held accountable by Government authorities,” said the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of UNMISS, David Shearer.
“This situation is evidence of a lack of command and control of armed forces which has resulted in unruly elements who continue to commit human rights abuses in the area. It is beholden on the Government to bring their forces under control,” Shearer added.

Saturday’s attack follows reports of fresh clashes between government and opposition forces in the area surrounding Kajo-Keji in Central Equatoria. The Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements Monitoring Mechanism (CTSAMM) has confirmed that it is investigating alleged violations of the ceasefire agreement in the Yei area.

 “The signing of the revitalized peace agreement by all parties to the conflict three days ago heralded a time of optimism for the future. It is disheartening that, despite the new agreement, fighting is continuing in the Central Equatorian region,” said David Shearer. “All forces must disengage as required by the peace agreement and end the violence. The parties must also work together to build trust between themselves and with the people of South Sudan who are suffering immensely from the ongoing conflict.”

However, the Spokesperson of the army Major General Lul Ruai Konag said the shooting was carried out by an officer from the National Security Service but not the SPLA.

“He had opened fire on UNMISS convoy and in the process he shot and wounded a UN peace keeper. That person was immediately arrested and he will be investigated,” Maj. Lul said.

“The incident was an individual act. The action was not sanctioned or ordered by the leadership of the national security or the leadership that is why he was immediately arrested. He is going to be held accountable for his actions under rules and regulations of the national security,” the SPLA spokesperson said.


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