20 Jun 2019


5-Day Tripartite States Peace Conference Held In Eastern Lakes State

Assistance Mission for Africa (AMA) last week concluded a five day tripartite States Peace conference between Southern Liech , Eastern and Western Lakes States.

By Mabor Riak Magok

YIROL,17 2018 [Gurtong]-The grass root tripartite peace initiative conference supported by Assistance Mission for Africa brought together chiefs, community elders, women, the youth and Commissioners of the three States.

Speaking during the closing remarks, the Governor of Eastern Lakes State, Mangar Buong Aluenge urged the participants to disseminate and promote peaceful coexistence among the communities of Eastern, Southern Liech and Western Lakes State.

“In line with the president of Republic of South Sudan for quest   for peace in the country, the government and the community of Eastern Lakes State welcomed the peace initiative. We must all embrace the spirit of peace to restore unity among our Communities.  ”said Mangar Buong, the Eastern Lakes State Governor.

The following are the resolutions of Eastern, Southern Liech and Western Lakes State communities Peace conference conducted in Nyang County of Eastern Lakes State last week.

1.    Call for a next general conference to includes Rumbek North ,Mayiandit ,Makuac, Tonj and payinjiar ,the proposed conference should be held in one of the aforementioned locations.
2.    Request that partners support Comprehensive peace dialogue exclusively for the youth (primarily) cattle camp armed youth and young women and girls) and spear masters from all of locations as they are directly involved in and /or affected by inter communal conflict.
3.     Appeal to the government community leaders and youth to conduct simultaneous and comprehensive for all communities’ disarmament for all communities to reduce the number of guns and ammunition.
4.     They called for a unified blood compensation for the locations represented in this conference.
5.     Appeal to the central government   to sensitize the organized forces to control arms and ammunitions   in their possession so that they stop leaking to the populations.
6.     Appeal to the government of south Sudan, international organizations and Donors and local peace actors to pool resources and develop income -generating activities  for the women and youth to address the chronic unemployment and resulting criminality and counter -productive behavior.
7.     Appeal for police to be deployed in strategic border areas like Mayom- ,paloch
            ,karer  .
8.    Agree to conduct dissemination of peace resolutions and mobilization of communities of Yirol ,payinjiarr ,Rumbek North /Maper and Amongpiny against cattle raiding ,robbery ,border conflict and attacks along the river Nile .
9.    The peace committee must carry out the peace advocacy in all four locations.
10.    Recommended the development of special committee that will promote peace and monitor conflict along the river Nile.
11.     Participants resolved also that the rules to govern this peace shall be devolved, and anybody or group of people from either side shall be accountable
            For any-border crimes.
12.    It was agreed that there was a need to Harmonies blood compensation.
13.     Support exchange visits and promote the freedom of movement for all citizens as it will encourage inter- communal trade ,support local development and attract infrastructure and other services .  
14.    The youth monthly Forum should be extended to payam levels this is to encourage the community at grassroots to understand the importance of peace.
15.    There should be practice of inter - communal art and culture to promote peace among the communities.
16.     Facilitation of peace committee and border committee with communication equipment for conflict early warning.
17.    Development partners to dig boreholes that are strategically located along road to support free movement of people and peaceful activities.
Eastern Lakes state Peace and reconciliation Advisor, Hon. Angelina Mario Lamba  Emphasized on the importance of peace in the three States.

“ I am emphasizing that our communities need to be  living in peace and we  encourage our government to take a lead  in developmental  programs like Health ,Education ,and Roads infrastructures that will connect all the States of South Sudan” said Angelina Mario, the State Peace and Reconciliation Advisor in Eastern Lakes State.

Meanwhile, Nyang County Commissioner of Eastern Lakes State Hon, Bullen Bol Acin Bai urged all communities to embark on peace building activities.

“We need to work hard by promoting peace building activities through our communities in their homes and villages across the nation since we are under one nation” Bol said.

The peace conference which was attended by 245 participants drawn from Eastern, Western and Southern Liech States is a major step forward in a much larger process of a comprehensive Peace and reconciliation between the predominant communities of Nuer and Dinka in South Sudan.


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