21 May 2019


VISTAS-USAID Conducting Inter-Community And States Peace Dialogues

USAID-VISTAS will hold Intra-community and Inter-States Peace dialogues between the neighboring States of Western Lakes, Eastern Lakes, Amadi, Terekeka, Tonj, Southern Liech, and Gok States.

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 19 September 2018 [Gurtong]-VISTAS a USAID funded program promoting peace activities within the local communities already conducted 3 community peace dialogues last month in Gok State according to the Regional Manager Makoi Deer.

“These dialogues were conducted in 3 clusters, the first cluster was conducted in Citcok which brought communities of Citcok , Tiaptiap and Pagoor together, second dialogue was conducted in Cueibet town, which brought communities of Malou Pech and Ngap together, and the third dialogue was conducted in Mayath and it brought communities of Abiriu , Mayath and Duony Counties of Gok State.”

The dialogues brought together community leaders, community elders, civil authorities, traditional authorities, women, youth and Gelwong leaders in Gok State.

According to Makoi the next dialogue will be conducted in Western Lakes State.

“The community Peace dialogues are very significant because they help communities to peacefully embrace and promote peace through interacting together. And these can bring change of perception and mindset on how they perceive each other during the conflicts”.

Kachuol Makoi said the four successful dialogues in Gok and Western Lakes State were attended by over 400 participants.


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