22 May 2019


Patients At Wau Teaching Hospital Concerned Over Medical Drugs Shortage

Patients at Wau Teaching Hospital are complaining about the shortage of medical drugs in the hospital.

By James Deng Dimo

Wau- September 18, 2018 [Gurtong] – Some patients say that even after being admitted they are forced to look for drugs in nearby clinics in the town.

They are now calling on the management of the hospital to address the issue to prevent unnecessary cases of deaths.

“These days, malaria hass become a big concern. If you stay with the child at home, you will suffer so you better bring the baby to the doctor. But then again once at the hospital there are no drugs. For sure we are asking you the ministry of Health to help us,” said one of the patients.

“I have been here for two days now and my child is suffereing. Yesterday they prescribed for the baby a drip and said they do not have the other prescribed drugs in the hospital and therefore I needed to go find the rest somewhere else.” Said another patient.

Most of the patients say that it is the only main hospital in Wau where many visit when they fall sick. Lack of medical drugs will only discourage many from visiting the hospital as the situation is deteriorating.

Wau Ministry of Health reported two months ago that they had received a consignment of medical drugs, but not enough to cater for the ever increasing number of patients from neighbouring States.

Dr. Thon Mangok, a consultant at Wau teaching hospital said the drugs received from the notational ministry were not enough.

“The medicines are there but are not enough. Sometimes instead of giving you the full prescription we give only what we have and the rest one has to go to a health facility within the town to acquire the rest,” said Mangok.


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