22 May 2019


USAID-VISTAS Holds Peace and Reconciliation Dialogue In Western Lakes

A community peace and reconciliation dialogue organized by USAID-Viable Support to Transition and Stability (VISTAS) to bring together the Belle and neighbouring communities was held in Western Lakes State.

By Mabor  Riak  Magok

RUMBEK, 22 September 2018 [Gurtong]-
Speaking during the occasion, Abednego Digur Makuac, the Commissioner of Wulu County urged the Beli community of greater Wulu Counties to embrace peace among themselves and neighbouring communities.

Some of the challenges that were outlined by the Beli community include, destruction of beehives and crops by cattle keepers who migrated to Greater Wulu Counties from neighboring Agaar and Gok communities due to their internal conflicts and cattle grazing.

They also said that their still exists land dispute with Rumbek East, Rumbek Center, Gok State, Amadi State, Maridi State, Yirol West, Ghude State and Tonj State among other challenges.

The facilitator of the peace conference John Buol said the general and specific objectives of conducting the peace dialogue in greater Lakes State is to bring the communities together so that they are able to effectively understand themselves and apply the various concepts of conflict mitigation and management.

He said Belle Community Peace Dialogue aimed at realization of the specific objectives to promote peace, harmony, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence among belle community sections and their neighbours and to equip the Belle Community Peace Dialogue delegates with knowledge and skills which enable them to fully participate in conflict settlements and reconciliation processes in Western Lakes State.

The USAID-VISTAS community Peace dialogue which was attended by over 100 participants made some recommendations among others to organize an inclusive Community Peace Dialogue to discuss border conflict related issues.

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