29 May 2020


Yei Arch Bishop Urges Religious Leaders To Work For Peace And Reconcile Communities

The newly consecrated Archbishop of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda is appealing to South Sudanese religious leaders to work for genuine peace and reconcile communities across the country.

Yei Arch Bishop Urges Religious Leaders To Work For Peace And Reconcile Communities
Archbishop Elias Taban [Photo by Daniel Friday Martin]

By Daniel Friday Martin

YEI, 09 November 2018 [Gurtong]
-Archbishop Elias Taban Parangi says his new leadership and administration will focus on peace building and reconciliation as key tools to promote sustainable peace, stable security and development within the region.

Elias also called on South Sudanese leaders to embrace real peace so as to end the suffering of the people of South Sudan.

“We don’t want war in the Equatoria, South Sudan, I am a South Sudanese and I don’t support war but we will all join hands with the bishops to work for peace and stability in South Sudan. Some people think we are agents of the government but I want to tell you that we are agents of the divine God in heaven, the Church will not stand for war but stand for peace in South Sudan.”   
Archbishop Elias Taban is one of the religious leaders in South Sudan who was involved in brokering several peace agreements between break away rebel groups including the SPL-IO and re-uniting communities in Yei River State and other parts of South Sudan.

Speaking to Gurtong on Thursday, one of the newly ordained Bishops from the evangelical Presbyterian Church said “as religious leaders it’s indeed our collective responsibility as leaders to work towards peace, reconciliation and forgiveness in our communities. The church can play a big role here and the message to all the citizens and the church clergy is that lets all stand for peace in South Sudan” he added.

For his part, the Government of Yei River State Emmanuel Adil Anthony said the state Government is committed to restoring peace and stability. Adil called on the religious leaders whether in the churches or mosques to help the government in disseminating the revitalized peace agreement.

“We are very committed for peace and stability in Yei River State. My humble call to you all religious leaders and civil society organizations is that help in disseminating this signed peace agreement so as to build confidence and trust towards peace in the people” said Adil.

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