21 Sep 2021


NAS Opposition Leader Vows To Implement The Revitalized Peace Deal

Julius Tabule Deputy Chairman of the National Salvation Front breakaway group says his group is ready to work with the government to implementation the peace deal.

By Daniel Friday Martin

YEI, 09 November 2018 [Gurtong]-“We are now partners in peace with the government. We denounce and we embrace peace in Yei River State and South Sudan in general. It’s time for all of us to rebuild our lost peace and unity and promote love with one another” said Julius.

Tabule called for forgiveness and reconciliation from the civilians in Yei after his forces committed crimes and violations against them.

“We want forgiveness and reconciliation among ourselves because we have been part of the destruction, confusion, hatred and all these bad things. Let’s forgive ourselves and unite so that we take part in the construction of Yei River State and regain back the name Yei small London, therefore let’s choose the path to peace”  he added.

Tabule appealed to the rest of the forces in the surrounding areas of Yei River State to abandon violence and join hands in peace making. Tabule also described the violators to the peace agreement as anti-peace elements.

 “It’s very unfortunate that we still have few of our brothers who are out there mobilizing people away from peace. These are anti-peace elements and we telling them to come home and join the peace process. All that they want whether being federalism or reforms have been included in the peace agreement and if all these things will be addressed in the agreement what else do they want than sticking in the bush killing civilians and doing all bad things against civilians.”

The opposition official spoke during a peace rally at the Yei Freedom square earlier this week.


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