25 May 2019


Drug Abuse And Trauma On The Rise Among Youth In Yei

The Chairperson of Yei River State Youth Union says the rate of drug abuse and trauma is on rise among the youth in the State.

 Drug Abuse And Trauma On The Rise Among Youth In Yei
Yei River State Youth Leader Satimon Ale [Gurtong photo|Daniel Fridasy Martin]

By Daniel Friday Martin

YEI,15 November 2018 [Gurtong]-According to Satimon Ale, the chairman of the youth union “It’s very unfortunate that we are witnessing a rising threat over the consumption of alcohol among other drugs and many are ending up being traumatized over unknown reasons” he added.

Ale attributed the rising drug abuse and trauma cases over the precarious inflation, lack of jobs, poor business environment and other social factors.

Mr. Ale advised the youth of the State to remain focused and engage themselves in productive activities that can help them regain their livelihoods .

“Last week, we lost one of our potential youth of this country due to consumption of gin. He refused to eat and drink some water and in less than two hours he died. So my advice to you my fellow youth is that we came from far and let’s remain determined and think positive because the development of this country relies on us who are the youth of this country.”

A youth who identified himself only as Robert is blaming the government and development partners for having neglected the youth in the development of the country.

Robert said since the signing of the comprehensive peace agreement in 2005, the Youth of South Sudan particularly in Yei River State have been over looked and underutilized.

“To be very open, we have not been considered so important, look at our employment sector, foreigners took all our jobs and the government is quiet about this case. Look at our economy; it’s under the control of other people. The government and NGOs lacks programs that support youth to be creative and productive citizens of the country” he said.

Robert appealed to the government and development partners to design programs that empower the youth population.

“Once we are busy engaged in doing productive activities like being employed in factories, offices, companies and other key programs this will help to reduce issues to do with drug abuse within our communities across Yei River State” said Robert.

For his part, the Minister of Information Youth and Sports discouraged the youth against consumption of drugs and to be hopeful for more opportunities after the implementation of the peace agreement.

“We are committed to the full implementation of the peace agreement and once it’s implemented; there will be a lot of chances and opportunities for the youth and development of the country. I personally want you to avoid consumption of drugs because peace has come.”


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