19 Jun 2019


Security Situation In Kupera County Stable, Humanitarian Situation Deteriorating

The Commissioner of Kupera County in Yei River State says the security situation has returned to normal but the humanitarian situation remains dire in the past three months.

By Daniel Friday Martin

KUPERA, 14 December 2018 [Gurtong]
-Kupera County located East of Yei River State near the Ugandan border witnessed rampant displacement of civilians when government and SPLA-IO clashed in the area in the recent few months.

Speaking to Gurtong, Commissioner Emmanuel Khamis Richard said over 10,000 civilians in several villages of Mugwo County are surviving on wild fruits and yams without access to health care and food assistance.

“People are returning to their original areas of settlement in big numbers but our worry is that they urgently need food, clean drinking water and medicines and this is what I have put across to the humanitarian organizations” he said.

The Commissioner said the State government had a joint meeting with the SPLA-IO in the area and they all agreed to provide access for humanitarian partners to deliver services to the people in the area.

“We are in peace and we are for peace with the opposition party. The roads are all opened for free civilian movement and humanitarian organizations. We also agreed to protect both the civilians and the humanitarian workers because it was something agreed in the peace agreement” he added.

For her part, Moriba Tabu a local resident from Kupera County told Gurtong that the humanitarian situation in the area is badly off.

“Women, children and the elderly are suffering without something to eat. Some of the pregnant mothers and under age children are now malnourished and this is so because we don’t have quality food to eat and access to medical care. We cannot afford to travel to Yei town because it’s very far and we want to remain in our villages” She stressed.

Officials from the State Relief and Rehabilitation Commission said a coalition of humanitarian organizations headed by UNOCHA visited Kupera County on Wednesday to assess the humanitarian response.

“I can confirm to you that a convoy of humanitarian organizations was in Kupera County on Wednesday and I believe they reached those villages and got what really affects the rural population there.”


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