19 Jun 2019


Farmers Advised To Use Dry Season For River Bank Cultivation

The Director General for Agriculture and Forestry in Yei River State government is appealing to farmers across the State to use the dry season for river bank cultivation to produce crops for home consumption and income generation.

Farmers Advised To Use Dry Season For River Bank Cultivation
Maize farm at Gabat area in Yei [Gurtong photo by Daniel Friday Martin]

By Daniel Friday Martin

YEI, 31 December 2018 [Gurtong]
-Speaking to Gurtong in an exclusive interview from Yei town, Edmund Taban Gogo says Yei River State is blessed with fertile soil and several streams best for farmimg vegetables and grains during the months of December, January and February.

“Yei is blessed when it comes to investment on food production. During this season, farmers can plant crops like maize, grains like beans and vegetables such as okra, egg plants, onions, tomatoes and others to address food shortage during the dry season both at homes and in the market” said Gogo.

Mr. Gogo advised South Sudanese nationals to avoid the culture of depending on food supply from neighboring countries. “ Locally produced food stuff are more nutritious and fresh than food stuff being imported from other others which contains harmful products due to chemical treatment at stores and storage facilities” said Gogo.

The director says it’s high time for subsistence farmers to make money through river bank cultivation to meet other basic needs during the dry season.

“If you are a serious farmer, this is the right time to make money in the market, the demand of vegetable crops are usually high during the dry season. This is real because in our findings every year indicates that  most of the markets will run short of supply of fresh items and the demand is so huge in the market and this will help one to address other basic needs including school fees, medication and even development projects” he added.

Gogo said his office with support from partners like UMCOR and others have varieties of vegetable seeds and other quick maturing crops in stores that can be planted and harvested at the shortest period of time.

Meanwhile Noel Duku a local urban farmer in Yei town is blaming the government for failing to restore security that can enable farmers to go to farm in some of the running streams around Yei River County.

“We have no space, we have been relying on Yei River which has been over used and congested in the nearby areas. We cannot go far following the river to farm in other unused lands because of insecurity, one will go there at his own risk and once you are arrested and killed by some armed men the government will not care.”

Duku further stressed that many farmers in the State are ready to farm but unless the opposition forces denounce killings and assures them of favorable and conducive environment for farming.

Yei River State situated about one hundred miles South West part of Juba city is well known as a “food basket area” for South Sudan due to its favorable climate and fertile soil for agricultural production.


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